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August 19, 2007 - 03:49 AM
Sharon Killey - Canada

My father, Philip Henry Killey was born August 30 1904, in Peel, Isle of Man. Son of Edward and Eleanor Margaret Killey (formerly Teare). Phil left the Isle of Man enroute to Australia some time in the 1930's. Unfortunately, he was travelling through Canada when the Great Depression hit and he never left. Father met my mother, Edythe Mae Smith, married and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am their only child.
My son Daren Robert Killey and his wife, Susannah Killey reside in Alberta.
Father had three brothers and three sisters. I believe the following information to be accurate:
Jack - daughter Betty Killey (in Peel)
Willie - 3 daughters: Jane, Janet and one deceased
Bobbie - married Molly - both deceased
Katie - never married
Mary - married, son Harry
Annie - died young, had two sons Stanley and Eddie. Stanley now lives with his wife in the north of the island - no children?
I would really like to know our history. Did the Killey's originally come from Scotland? Has anyone traced our ancestry through Church records and how far back can we find records.
Thanks to Peter for this opportunity.

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