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Jeanette Henderson

Jeanette Henderson (cousin of Glynn Killey listed here) and related to the Killey family via my late mother Anne Doreen Killey. I am giving you details as per a family tree my late mother had. Where the date of birth is not shown it is unknown.

John Killey (born 1788) married Jane Tear (both of Kirk Patrick). Edward, their eldest son born 1809 married Elizabeth Moore on 11th October 1828. They had six children John born 1830, Edward born 1832, Robert born 1834, Ann born 1836, Elizabeth, Sarah, Phillip (went away as was never heard of again) and Catherine born 1846).

Edward married Catherine Cubbon and they had six children. John born 1872 in Castletown, Isle of Man (my grandfather), Katie, Thomas Homer, Stanley, Elsie and Herbert. John and Herbert emigrated to South Africa.

John Edward Cubbon Killey married Annie Smith (born 1888) and they had four children. John, George born 1910, Anne Doreen born 1914 and Homer born 1918. I believe John Snr. died in 1926 and Annie died n 1947. Their eldest son John died in 1936. He was unmarried.

George had four children. John born 1938, George Stanmore born 1940. Glynn born 1942 and Lorraine born 1945. John as far as we know did not marry.

George Stanmore has two children, Kevin and Michelle. George, his wife Estelle and their two children are now all living in Australia. Kevin has two children and Michelle has two children.

Glynn married Gloria. They are now retired and living in Kwazulu, Natal. They do not have any children.

Lorraine married Manfred Schmidt and has three daughters. Tracey (born 1966) Glenda (born 1968) and Heidi(born 1969). Tracey has a son Brent (born 1989). Glenda has a daughter and a son Lauren (born 1994) and Michael (born 1998). Heidi has a son Devon (born 1992).

Anne Doreen Killey married Sid Karsen and had one child, Jeanette (born 1937). I married Peter Henderson and had six children. Paul (born 1958), Desmond (born 1960), David (born 1961), Jonathan (born 1964), Li...

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