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Jeanette Henderson, South Africa
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), Lianne (born 1973) and Steven (born 1976). Paul married to Elayne has two sons Tyron (born 1985) and Kyle (born 1987). Desmond married to Marguerite has two sons Brett (born 1987) and Grant (born 1989). David married to Karoline has two daughters Jessica (born (1988) and Nicole (born 1992). Jonathan married to Karen has three sons, Jared (born 1985), Alastair (born 1989) and Rowan (born 1992). Lianne is not married as yet. Steven married Leonie and has two daughters, Kaitlin (born 2005) and Merryn (born 2007).

Homer married Connie Muggleton and had two children Cubbon (born 1944) and Colleen (born 1945). Cubbon married to Sonja has two children Gavin (born 1967) of his first marriage to Susan, and Dunja (born 1983). Gavin has a daughter Megan. Colleen married Guy Pondart, both deceased. They had two children, Jeanine (born 1967) and Gerard (born 1972). Gerard married to Debbie has two children Kristin (born 2004) and Troy (born 2007).

Herbert born in 1892 married Lucy Corkill. They had two children Mona (born 1922) and Gordon born 1925. Mona married Jack Davies and had two children Dudley (born 1955) and Gail (born 1960). Gordon married Myrtle 6 June 1949 and had three daughters Mavourneen (born 1952), and twins Lenore and Margaret (born 1956)

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