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July 03, 2008 - 12:01 AM
norman martin killey

Dear Peter,
My name is Norman Martin Killey and it is some years since I worked on my family. However we came from Kk Patrick/German/ Michael. My direct line is as follows:-William Killey born 1636 Kk Michael, died 1673, married Margaret ? Their son, Daniel (Donald/Danel) Killey born 1658, Kk Michael died 1716 married Mary Looney in 1679, and their second son, Philip, born 1691 in Peel, died 1763 married Ann Clucas died 1755. Their fourth son, Phillip born 1733 Kk German died 1804 married Ann Cain died 1809. Their second son, Phillip, 1763 to 1835 married Jane Clague. Their son, William born 1794 died 1860 married Isabella Crellin and had my great grandfather, John in 1823. He married Jane Lewin in Liverpool. Although a second generation Liverpool lady she was of pure Manx descent. Their third son James Philip born 1859 married an English woman, Alice Ada Stockwell and their second son, John Edward married a Scottish lady, my mother Marjorie Manby. Consequently I can claim only 25% Manx blood.
Daniel 1658 was a small landowner as various land transactions are recorded. Phillip 1733 may have been a weaver as he left a loom in his will. Jane Clague lived to a great age as recorded in a copy letter sent by William 1794 to his goldminer son, William in Australia. He had been a tailor but was obviously involved in herring fishing. Besides many letters sent to Australia I have small locks of hair from these, my great great grandparents, William and Isabella. The hair was cut about 1860 at the time of Williamís death.
William 1794 had a younger brother, James, born 1812 who was a sea captain sailing for John Gladstoneís company. I have a record of his ships and voyages and in January 1837 he sailed a tiny sloop across the Atlantic from Liverpool to Jamaica through storms which wrecked many ships. It was 31.8 feet long and weighed only 13.66 tons. Besides Captain James their were four other men including another Manxman, Thomas Lace who may have been rela...

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