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June 20, 2009 - 04:54 PM
Jared Bryan Killey

In Washington state our name is not known well, in fact nobody seems to have ever heard of it before. Therefore it is surprizing to find this information about us. In Washington live the four children of Richard Thomas, oldest to youngest; Jeffery, Jeremey, Jennifer, and Jared. Jeff has the sons Jeffery, Micheal, and Justin. Jeremey has a daugter Megan. Jenny has two sons Zachary, and Nicholas. Jared has a stepson from Mexico named Marlon. Our origins from the Isle of Man will soon take another turn when Jared and Elizabeth have a child half anglo and half latino (mexican). Richard is the son of Phillip Killey. Richard grew up in Chicago and it would be interesting to know who is the father of Phillip.

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