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August 29, 2008 - 02:50 AM
New Zealand

  Kia Ora from N Z.
My G Father was James Joseph Cain/ Caine. b 1885 Ballygrange . His mother was Margaret Ann Killey b 1868 I O M. she married James Cain b 1865 she had a brother Joseph Killey who went to Illinois U S A about1890 .She is burried in the Lezyre Church yard IO M . they lived at Corody. Sulby Glen. after James Died 1914 she lived at Fushsia Cottage ,Glen Auldyn nr Ramsey.
from our cain family tree,
regards ,
charles Cain.
Blenheim NZ
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July 12, 2008 - 08:41 PM
Bob McKinney USA

  My GG grandmother was Mary KILLEY d. IOM 1812.She married Thomas CASHIN 16July1831 at Peel.Their son was William Cashen 1838-1912 married to Susannah Cowell 1845-1916, both of Peel. My grandfather William Cashin 1867-1915 immigrated to Cleveland,Ohio in 1885 and married Alice Thauvette.
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July 03, 2008 - 12:01 AM
norman martin killey

  Dear Peter,
My name is Norman Martin Killey and it is some years since I worked on my family. However we came from Kk Patrick/German/ Michael. My direct line is as follows:-William Killey born 1636 Kk Michael, died 1673, married Margaret ? Their son, Daniel (Donald/Danel) Killey born 1658, Kk Michael died 1716 married Mary Looney in 1679, and their second son, Philip, born 1691 in Peel, died 1763 married Ann Clucas died 1755. Their fourth son, Phillip born 1733 Kk German died 1804 married Ann Cain died 1809. Their second son, Phillip, 1763 to 1835 married Jane Clague. Their son, William born 1794 died 1860 married Isabella Crellin and had my great grandfather, John in 1823. He married Jane Lewin in Liverpool. Although a second generation Liverpool lady she was of pure Manx descent. Their third son James Philip born 1859 married an English woman, Alice Ada Stockwell and their second son, John Edward married a Scottish lady, my mother Marjorie Manby. Consequently I can claim only 25% Manx blood.
Daniel 1658 was a small landowner as various land transactions are recorded. Phillip 1733 may have been a weaver as he left a loom in his will. Jane Clague lived to a great age as recorded in a copy letter sent by William 1794 to his goldminer son, William in Australia. He had been a tailor but was obviously involved in herring fishing. Besides many letters sent to Australia I have small locks of hair from these, my great great grandparents, William and Isabella. The hair was cut about 1860 at the time of William’s death.
William 1794 had a younger brother, James, born 1812 who was a sea captain sailing for John Gladstone’s company. I have a record of his ships and voyages and in January 1837 he sailed a tiny sloop across the Atlantic from Liverpool to Jamaica through storms which wrecked many ships. It was 31.8 feet long and weighed only 13.66 tons. Besides Captain James their were four other men including another Manxman, Thomas Lace who may have been rela...
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May 26, 2008 - 06:21 AM
Ernesto Mendoza- Mexico

  my great great grandmother called Eliza de la Viezca y portu killey. and my great great called Catalina Killey. Im looking for more information about Catalina Killey
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May 23, 2008 - 08:27 AM
Lenore Barlow (Killey) South Africa

  One of Myrtle and Gordon Killey's twins, me Lenore, married Charles Barlow (1977), had 2 children, Brett (1983), who is now living in Guernsey, and Monique (1984) who is living in Bloemfontein, but busy imigrating to Australia. My twin sister, Margaret married Alan Tresadern (1978) and had 2 children Paul (1987) and Camilla (1991) who imigrated to New Zealand in 1994, living in Auckland. Mavourneen married Jack de Sa (1977) and they had 2 children, Tamaryn, who married Dylan Cox (2007) and are presently in the UK, and Lauren (1985), they live in Cape Town.
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May 22, 2008 - 08:03 PM
Jeanette Henderson, South Africa

  ), Lianne (born 1973) and Steven (born 1976). Paul married to Elayne has two sons – Tyron (born 1985) and Kyle (born 1987). Desmond married to Marguerite has two sons Brett (born 1987) and Grant (born 1989). David married to Karoline has two daughters Jessica (born (1988) and Nicole (born 1992). Jonathan married to Karen has three sons, Jared (born 1985), Alastair (born 1989) and Rowan (born 1992). Lianne is not married as yet. Steven married Leonie and has two daughters, Kaitlin (born 2005) and Merryn (born 2007).

Homer married Connie Muggleton and had two children Cubbon (born 1944) and Colleen (born 1945). Cubbon married to Sonja has two children Gavin (born 1967) of his first marriage to Susan, and Dunja (born 1983). Gavin has a daughter Megan. Colleen married Guy Pondart, both deceased. They had two children, Jeanine (born 1967) and Gerard (born 1972). Gerard married to Debbie has two children Kristin (born 2004) and Troy (born 2007).

Herbert born in 1892 married Lucy Corkill. They had two children Mona (born 1922) and Gordon born 1925. Mona married Jack Davies and had two children Dudley (born 1955) and Gail (born ± 1960). Gordon married Myrtle 6 June 1949 and had three daughters Mavourneen (born 1952), and twins Lenore and Margaret (born 1956)
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May 22, 2008 - 07:58 PM
Jeanette Henderson

  Jeanette Henderson (cousin of Glynn Killey listed here) and related to the Killey family via my late mother Anne Doreen Killey. I am giving you details as per a family tree my late mother had. Where the date of birth is not shown it is unknown.

John Killey (born 1788) married Jane Tear (both of Kirk Patrick). Edward, their eldest son born 1809 married Elizabeth Moore on 11th October 1828. They had six children John born 1830, Edward born 1832, Robert born 1834, Ann born 1836, Elizabeth, Sarah, Phillip (went away as was never heard of again) and Catherine born 1846).

Edward married Catherine Cubbon and they had six children. John born 1872 in Castletown, Isle of Man (my grandfather), Katie, Thomas Homer, Stanley, Elsie and Herbert. John and Herbert emigrated to South Africa.

John Edward Cubbon Killey married Annie Smith (born 1888) and they had four children. John, George born 1910, Anne Doreen born 1914 and Homer born 1918. I believe John Snr. died in 1926 and Annie died n 1947. Their eldest son John died in 1936. He was unmarried.

George had four children. John born 1938, George Stanmore born 1940. Glynn born 1942 and Lorraine born 1945. John as far as we know did not marry.

George Stanmore has two children, Kevin and Michelle. George, his wife Estelle and their two children are now all living in Australia. Kevin has two children and Michelle has two children.

Glynn married Gloria. They are now retired and living in Kwazulu, Natal. They do not have any children.

Lorraine married Manfred Schmidt and has three daughters. Tracey (born 1966) Glenda (born 1968) and Heidi(born 1969). Tracey has a son Brent (born 1989). Glenda has a daughter and a son Lauren (born 1994) and Michael (born 1998). Heidi has a son Devon (born 1992).

Anne Doreen Killey married Sid Karsen and had one child, Jeanette (born 1937). I married Peter Henderson and had six children. Paul (born 1958), Desmond (born 1960), David (born 1961), Jonathan (born 1964), Li...
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May 19, 2008 - 11:13 AM
Lenore Barlow (Killey) - South Africa

  This is so cool. Any other Killeys in South Africa?
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May 19, 2008 - 11:09 AM
Lenore Barlow (nee Killey) - South Africa

  My Grandparents - Ruth (Corkill from Maughold, IOM and Herbert Clague Killey from Castletown. My father - Stanley Gordon Killey and mother Myrtle Faith Killey (Hayes) now live in Gonubie East London, SA. We are 3 girls - myself - Lenore and my twin sister, Margaret Tresadern, who now lives in New Zealand, we have an older sister - Mavourneen De Sa who lives in Cape Town.
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May 19, 2008 - 11:05 AM
Mavourneen de Sa (nee Killey), Cape Town, South Africa

  My grandparents, Herbert & Ruth Killey were born in Castletown and Douglas respectively and arrived in Cape Town, South Africa on 11 August 1922.

My father, Stanley Gordon Killey married and had three daughters, Mavourneen (me) and twins, Lenore and Margaret. Lenore lives in Bloemfontein, South Africa and Margaret lives in Auckland, New Zealand
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